he G.I. Altamira is located in the heart of the Tunuyan river. This river is distinguished by its size and this can be explained by the path run by the river that feeds it.

In fact, all these fans have been shaped by rivers that come down from the mountain range. However, the Tunuyán river is the only one that originates in the main mountain range and follows such a long north/south route within the mountain range. The consequences of this origin and the length of the path followed by this river are a large quantity of fine elements (the main mountain range is richer in soft volcanic rocks) which will be transported further down the valley and form a wide ranging fan.

The finer elements, being lighter, reach farther and form the most distal part of the fan (towards the east). In the highest part, in the Alto Altamira (1,100 masl), we find poor and filtering alluvial gravel soils significantly composed of lime: this is where the vineyards from which we obtain our grapes are located.

Alluvial fans of the Uco Valley

I.G. los Chacayes
I.G. Gualtallary