Mundo revés wines

An invitation to travel among the vineyards

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undo Revés (the world upside down in Spanish) is the project of two young French winemakers who came to Argentina ten years ago.

They both discovered in Argentina a viticulture and a style of wine very different from what they were used to in France. They found in the Argentinian terroir a huge potential and felt there was a great opportunity to accomplish their dream (Reves means “dream” in French) in such a fantastic country. After working for several years in different wineries and travelling along all the vineyards of Mendoza, they decided to focus on the Uco valley and to make their own wines there. They spotted special places (Altamira, Cepillo, Chacayes and Gualtallary, among others) to make special wines out of grapes like Bonarda, Cabernet Franc, Semillon, Sauvignon blanc, Criolla and obviously Malbec.

The province of Mendoza is a huge desert where there are some oases. In the north, there is the town of Mendoza, which was the destination of the first Spanish immigrants. A new oasis, called Valle de Uco (Uco valley), can be found 80 km south of the town.




Mundo Reves wines are an invitation to travel to the Argentinian vineyards, its “mountain culture” and landscapes, but most importantly, they are an invitation to an inner journey, to discover the Argentinian wines through a new perspective.

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc