When I talk about it, I get a spiritual reprieve. If I’m not reaching out to others, being of service, going to meetings, working the steps, I will eventually forget how bad it gets. I will end up thinking that a drug is the best solution to take me out of whatever momentary pain I’m in. There’s this false notion that musicians are at their best when they are using a ton of drugs — that’s how they channel the spirit. After struggling with cocaine, Kid Cudi first went to rehab in 2016 aged 32. He has described the shame and isolation he felt, taking drugs alone and hiding it from other people.

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High Rhymes Vol 2: RXKNephew.

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Zac Efron told ELLE in 2016, «You get out of life what you put in. Crossing the line is what leads to greatness.» Elton John’s battle with excess drugs, alcoholism, and an eating disorder is just another story that shines light on the dark side of fame. The music legend was inspired to get sober over 30 years ago in 1990 after seeing the AIDS epidemic take a toll on society. He told The Fix in 2017, «Within six months I became sober, and clean, and have been for the last 27 years.» Speaking in third person, he captioned the post, «Toosii if you don’t smoke or drink how do you have fun?,» dismissing any notion of relying on substances to keep himself busy.

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I would never have had a career in music had I not been able to go to treatment. These aren’t grandiose thoughts, or for shock value. My dad was able to afford a treatment center. I know that a lot of Americans can’t, or they can’t afford to take the time off work. We need to get people into treatment and CLEAN Cause is doing that, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Recently there has been a noticeable shift in the mindset of some MCs when it comes to self-medicating on opiates. These days, prescription drugs seem to be a part of the rapper starter kit. While, for the most part, drug use in hip-hop has never been taboo (meaning you can’t totally blame this on the kiddos), the promotion and use of drugs of the highly addictive nature is at an all-time high. I quickly watched my life fall apart within the first year of using drugs and alcohol, but it wasn’t until years later that I hit a rock bottom and ended up a place where I could get some help. Macklemore is the new creative director for CLEAN Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate, a beverage company with a mission to support people in recovery.

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Eminem recalled recording in Florida as he was still in withdrawal after his overdose and said he was taking «75-80 valium a night» while he began work on Relapse. TMZ broke the story … Gangsta Boo died on New Year’s Day at 43 and cops are investigating a possible overdose, something Flesh says is 100% preventable in hip hop, going forward. Flesh tells us he’s several months free of alcohol and marijuana, and advises Nelly to be careful on the road, as drugs are now commonly being spiked with fentanyl. As part of his plea, Dro had to submit to a drug/alcohol evaluation within 30 days of his release. In addition, he was required to undergo domestic violence counseling, submit to random drug tests and forfeit all weapons. Related news Young Dro Says He Hopes Donald Trump Wins July 6, 2016Prior to getting clean, Young Dro found himself in trouble with the law multiple times.

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Kid Cudi has been in the media quite a bit lately after recently entering rehab to treat depression and suicidal thoughts. He was previously very vocal about his marijuana use but decided to get addiction treatment, change his lifestyle and dedicate himself to sober living. Some of today’s biggest names like Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi, among others, have spent much of their careers looking for a way to cope with their own personal traumas. Eminem’s struggle with addiction is well-documented. He rapped about drug use on his first few albums, but it was not until after 2004’s Encore that he sought help. His 2009 album, Relapse, was a direct result of a relapse following the death of his best friend, rapper Proof.


50 Cent may have briefly dealt drugs as a youth, but he has always refrained from using them himself. In a CNN interview, Fifty said that he has always “stayed away” after seeing family members use substances and witnessing the effect it had on them. The energy remained high at the Atlanta event on Saturday (Sept. 23).

«Well… I got a bowling problem,» he continued, evidenced in the 30 plus balls that he was pictured laying in front of. In a 2016 interview with The Telegraph, the Harry Potter star sober rappers discussed his long road to sobriety throughout the later years of filming the famed film franchise. Tyler has been open about his struggles with addiction and his road to recovery.